Truck Mounted Cranes

Benefits of Our Truck Mounted Crane Solutions

Truck mounted cranes can be a more cost-effective solution than a standard crane. They are still heavy-duty workhorses with the capacity to load themselves, transport & unload in the most testing conditions.

This makes truck mounted cranes the more suitable option in a much wider range of situations.

Truck Mounted Cranes in Auckland

Do you need a truck mounted crane for your project? Do you want to work with a crane specialist who has extensive experience in the industry? Do you want a team you can trust? If you answered yes to these questions, we can help at Crane & Cartage.

We have a fleet that contains multiple truck mounted cranes, with different crane and truck combinations to suit different types of project. As a result, we have an option suitable for any type of load, anywhere in the country.

All our cranes and trucks come from leading manufacturers, they are all modern, and they are well-maintained. This means they won’t let you down, even if your hire involves long-distance travel.

In addition, our services are flexible, so can be adapted to your needs, and our prices are affordable. Call today to find out more.

Why Choose Us?

  • High-quality and well-maintained trucks & cranes

  • Different crane and truck options available to suit different types of project

  • Excellent customer service and competitive prices

  • Reliability and professionalism

  • Fast response to queries

To get a quote for a truck-mounted crane, please contact us by calling us today on the Phone: (09) 269 6669